A Letter From the Elder Board

Dear Congregants of Stone Hill Church,

The Elder Board has prayerfully journeyed with Matt in preparing for this God-led transition, and we fully embrace and support Matt and Karen as they steward retirement, listen to God’s calling for their lives, and act out of principled conviction. We are grateful for Matt's 33 years of faithful service to and leadership of Stone Hill Church. He has led Stone Hill for over half of its 62-year existence. We are also thankful for the 33 years of sacrificial devotion that Karen has given to the church, and the grace and cheer with which she has served so many within and beyond our congregation. Through Matt and with the support of Karen, God has blessed and grown Stone Hill Church mightily.

We will miss Matt dearly as he retires from the Senior Pastor Role at Stone Hill Church. Nonetheless, we are united in looking forward to seeing what God has in store for both Matt and Stone Hill in the months and years ahead.

With this in mind, the Elder Board will form a succession team, which we’re calling the Candidate Review Team (CRT), to lead the search for our next Senior Pastor. We will provide regular updates as the process moves along. 

We realize that many of you may have questions, and we have a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to email us

In Christ,
The Elders of Stone Hill Church

FAQs & Letters

Pray for our Candidate Review Team (CRT):

Martha Acosta

Mary Castria

Eunju Chung

Jericho Cruzado

Madhu Gammon

Denise Manheimer

James Martin

Ilner Polo

Sean Schools

Doug Megill

Curt Richmond