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Important message from Pastor Matt concerning “virtual life together”

My dear sisters and brothers at Stone Hill:

I bring you hopeful greetings in the name of Jesus: Risen Savior, King of Mercy, a very present help in times of trouble, including this one.

Two days ago, I announced the difficult decision that, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Stone Hill Church was going “virtual” at least through the end of March. If you haven’t listened to that message, please do so; it explains what it means for us to go virtual and why we have gone virtual.

Since that time, there have been all sorts of developments: the President’s oval office talk, the appeal by Governor Murphy for institutions to cancel large meetings, Princeton University closing down on-campus classes for the rest of the semester, local schools going online, other churches cancelling services. These are painful decisions that bring change, sacrifice, and loss to each of you. I am so sorry. But I am heartened that the public is taking this pandemic seriously. Lives are stake, and by doing our part in slowing the rate of coronavirus infection, we are working on behalf of life.

During this season of virtual life together, we have canceled events that lie at the core of gospel community: worship services, Sunday school, nursery, the café, Sunday Evening at 6:30. These are real losses. And therefore, in order to compensate, your staff and leaders are adding some temporary initiatives in order to help you connect meaningfully with God, one another, and the larger church community.

Let me walk you through some of these additions that will thicken our virtual life together:

  1. For everyone: this Sunday, you can go online at 9:30 to our Facebook page and watch a specially produced streaming worship service: music, prayer, Scripture, and a sermon on Isaiah 40. At 11:10, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.
  2. Again, for everyone: Starting next week, our church elders will be reaching out to members in their parishes. If you’re not a church member and want to be included in that elder care, please contact Pastor Jin or the church office.
  3. For those in small groups: Our small groups will receive special guidance on how to grow closer and deeper during this virtual season. If you want to join a small group, please contact the church office.
  4. Also for those who want it: available weekly on the main page of our website, there will be a guide for you and your loved ones with suggested resources for the week from RightNow Media.
  5. Again for those who want it: a daily newsletter, the Stone Hill Connector, is sent via email Monday through Friday. It offers help and hope and humor for adults, students, youth, and kids. 
  6. Finally, four different dial-in prayer calls are scheduled for Monday through Thursday of next week.

All these additions to our ministries would not be possible without a dedicated and hard-working staff. It has been a long, demanding, and trying week, but members of the staff have risen to the occasion. Thanks be to God!

May God be with us during these days. He is our refuge and our strength; His Son and Spirit are a very present help in these times of trouble.

Additional Virtual Resources

Dwell:  Want to listen to God's Word on your phone?  Some of our congregants recommend Dwell.  Dwell is a free app that you can listen to!  If interested, you can get more info and sign up.


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