Top 5 Reasons You Should Care about Sunday School

It's just a few weeks before our new Sunday school year and I want to help you catch a big vision for what this year could mean for your child and your family.  Here are my top 5 reasons:

1.  No child is an island.
  God makes it abundantly clear that a healthy Christian can't grow alone.  Kids need Christian adults, teens need Christian kids, adults need Christian kids.  Sunday school is the biggest way children at Stone Hill connect together.
2.  Learning the Big Story.
  For many of us, the Bible tells a series of events and stories, but we sometimes lose the main point - God's passionate rescue of sinners.  Where will your child learn the big story?  Sunday school's task is to do just that - see Psalm 78:5-6 - He commanded our ancestors to teach to their children, that the NEXT GENERATION might know them, the children yet they should set their hope in God.  Wow!
3.  We all need a mentor.  As parents, God has called you into a unique role to raise your children to love God.  But we soon become keenly aware how limited we are in this role.  Maybe we don't know much about the Bible, or maybe we never saw Christian parenting. Or maybe we just have limits, right?   Either way, we NEED one another to help our children learn to love God, and Sunday school teachers can be that for your child.  What a blessing!
4.  You've got a friend. 
Kids can feel very isolated when they don't know of another Christian kid in their school.  Last September, I asked a combined middle school and senior high Sunday school class how many had Christian friends at their schools.  None said they did.  This is tragic!  Where can we find Christian friends?  Each Sunday, your child is surrounded by children who MIGHT be one.
5.  May you never stop growing.  Do you remember the time you realized you'd stopped growing?  Maybe it was a sad day - you so wished you'd be taller, or maybe you were relieved - please!  not any taller!!  But a human body that ceases to regenerate cells and thrive is a very unhealthy body.
Often we hear our SS children say - I KNOW that story already.  So why don't we just check off the stories they know and never teach them again?  Because the story isn't so much the point as learning more deeply about the God behind the story, and there is absolutely no end to the depth of knowledge of who God is - whether you're a really smart 4- year old or 94 years old.