Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia in Their Own Words

Just a few miles from Stone Hill sits a tiny white church that has been repurposed to function as an architect’s studio. The building serves as a metaphor for the decline of the Christian faith across the US. But something much different is happening in other places. Over the past 50 years, Christianity has truly become a global faith. While in retreat in the West, it is blooming and advancing in the global South and East: Africa, Asia, and South America.

Our bond in Christ to brothers and sisters across the globe carries with it a wonderful responsibility, one that this insightful book makes a delight. Eastern Voices Volume 1, a collection published by the ministry Asian Access, allows us to listen to and learn from godly Christian leaders who serve in Asia and for whom a country in Asia has always been home—whether Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Myanmar, or Sri Lanka.

The challenge of Asia in relation to the gospel is vast. Almost 60% of the world population lives there, and its backgrounds are, as one missiologist puts it, “complicated, diverse, and spiritually overwhelming.” The 15 men and women who wrote the chapters of this book shed light on how God is at work in Asia and what the people of God are learning:

  • Read how Pastor Yoshiya Hari of Saikyo Hope Chapel describes the spiritual impact of the 2011 tsunami. Learn particularly about a gospel awakening that is occurring as an unyielding cultural barrier to church health has been exposed.
  • Ponder the prophetic assessment of so much of today’s worship by Adrian De Visser, founder of Kethu Sevana Ministries in Sri Lanka. He raises questions about worship in his cultural context that relate directly to us in ours.
  • Be inspired by my favorite chapter, written by Kavitha Emmaneul, founder of Women of WorthThank God for using our sister to stand up to the evil of skin-color bias, aka colorism, in India.

Read all 15 leaders’ stories. Be instructed. Be transformed.

This weekend, October 20th-21st, there will be an opportunity to learn about God’s work through and among Indian Americans. Stone Hill will be hosting a conference by the Advance Initiative. Find out more here.

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