Don't Waste Your Life, by John Piper

Reviewed by Katie Trainor.

Are you seeking God and using the life He has given you—or are you wasting it?

Piper doesn’t tiptoe around issues, but rather tackles them head first. His bold words leave his audience desiring more change in their own Christian lives, and encouraged and convicted to make the necessary changes. Don’t Waste Your Life (Crossway Books, 2003) is no exception.   

John Piper, one of my favorite pastors, writers, and speakers of the Christian faith, educates, organizes, details and, above all, uses Scripture to back up his points of what a wasted life might look like for a Christian. Piper discusses topics that every believer can relate to in some way, such as: Christ being our ultimate joy, boasting only in the Cross, taking risks for the Kingdom, and living our lives for Him, even in our 9-5 jobs.

He argues, “If you live gladly to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full” (page 10). Being a follower of Christ isn’t easy, the task is weighty and difficult, but ultimately there is much joy. Piper pushes the reader to think more of their relationship with Christ, to get up and get out into the world and live for the Lord.

Piper discusses a passion to live for Christ, a love for Him, and a desire to worship Him. These topics are more important than other things we may focus on, and waste our lives with, in this world. Pastor John speaks with wisdom and guidance. Don’t Waste Your Life is filled with beautiful Scripture references that are applied to each section thoroughly and completely. This text pushes the reader not only to be convicted, but to truly desire change in their own lives, regardless of how they are living. This book is easy to read and a sure page-turner. Piper does not disappoint.

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