Our Global Partners

Our Global Partners

Stone Hill Church of Princeton supports over 30 missionary groups (families or organizations) around the world. In partnership with our church and various missionary agencies, these workers serve in widely diverse areas – from translating the Scriptures to teaching at seminaries and schools. Stone Hill Church (formerly Westerly Road) has a proud history of being a mission-sending church, beginning with our first missionary in 1956. The majority of our global partners today are members of the congregation who were inspired by other missionaries, speakers and pastors encouraging them to get involved in the work of the great commission.

Asia & Australia

Tim & Mamiko Benedict
Kwansei Gakuin University

The Benedicts are ministering to college students on the campus of Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan. In addition to teaching, Tim also helps lead and speak at weekly campus chapel services and contributes to other Christian education activities on campus.

As Our Own

As Our Own provides a life-long family and best-in-class academics to the most vulnerable children in India, those born in the red light district and high risk slums. Why? To revolutionize the way the world cares for vulnerable children - caring for them not as orphans but as our own so that they may fulfill the sovereign purpose God has for each child's life. Through a family-style care model, top-notch academic curriculum, college scholarships, and more, As Our Own empowers each vulnerable child to reach her full God-given potential. 

Ryan & Mandy Kennedy

Ryan (son of Walter & Diane) works at a Theological College in Papua (Indonesia) teaching and training national Bible student. Mandy works at the newly-built Christian Community Center.

Walter & Diane Kennedy
TEAMThe Kennedys have worked in leadership development with the Hatam tribe and the Hatam Bible School. Walter and Diane serve on the Community Center Board - Walter coordinating the construction of the building and Diane teaching English classes as evangelistic outreach. Walter is working to establish the National Mission Board and serves as the TEAM Papua Ministry Area Leader.
Bob & Patty Mendelsohn
Jews for JesusBob is evangelizing to Jewish people in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore through personal, one-to-one teaching and discipleship, and preaching in churches.

North America

Mark & Anne Bradley

Mark and Anne Bradley are working to improve the spiritual and academic quality of 130 church-based schools and to introduce nationwide standards for Christian schools in Haiti. Our vision is to transform Haiti’s Christian schools into thriving learning centers that equip students to serve God and each other.

Princeton Christian Fellowship

Princeton Christian Fellowship (PCF), formerly Princeton Evangelical Fellowship, was founded in 1931 by missionary Donald B. Fullerton who graduated from Princeton in 1913. PCF seeks to make disciples at Princeton University who are surrendered to the Lordship of Christ, submissive to the authority of Scripture, dependent upon the grace of God, devoted to God's people, equipped to serve others, and eager for the salvation of the lost. PCF also seeks to provide past students with ongoing care as alumni. PCF seeks to be an organization that excels in discipling university students, embodies humble service, becomes "family" to students during their time at Princeton, fosters evangelism as a way of life, and is devoted to prayer. Their program includes outreach, small and large group meetings, one-to-one discipling and hospitality. Additionally, PCF organizes a number of different retreats, conferences, service projects and short-term missions trips during the year.

Jonathan & Regina Pei-Chan
Cru/The Epic Movement

Regina and Jonathan disciple and reach out to Asian American students in New York City. Currently they serve as long distance coaches of University student leaders and strategic leadership development through Cru and Intervarsity Asian American groups.

John & Aruna Desai
International Students Inc.ISI ministry reaches international students at Princeton University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Rider University School of Music, Westminster Choir College, the Institute for Advanced Study and the College of New Jersey. An Annual Garage Give Away, monthly friendship dinners, Bible study groups, ESL and Personal English Practice are all part of the ministry. The most important ministry of friendship evangelism is carried on by 400 team members quietly and effectively.
Jon and Anita Hinkson
Cru/Rivendell InstituteJon and Anita seek to bring Christ and His Gospel to bear on all the life and labors of Yale University by engaging unbelievers through various evangelistic efforts and venues and by shepherding and equipping believers for a lifetime of Gospel influence at Yale and beyond.
Manna Christian Fellowship

Manna Christian Fellowship has served the Princeton University community since 1995, when a group of undergraduate students gathered to study the Bible and worship God. They are an evangelical, inter-denominational Christian Fellowship committed to the reality that the death, resurrection, and glory of Christ changes everything.


John Schleh
Christian Stronghold Mission Board

John's ministry is with inner-city young men, spending time with small groups of two or three young men at a time and teaching them how to renovate a house, have Bible study, etc. It has been extremely effective. He gets very close to the young men and has very strong input into their lives.

John & Jude Tiersma-Watson
Inner Change or Church Resource Ministries

John and Jude's ministry includes friendship evangelism, discipleship, and mentoring youth and their families in an immigrant barrio in central Los Angeles. They work to raise up leaders and train mentors and other long term missionaries. In addition, they create ministry tools that help multiply their influence and extend their efforts in this work.

Tim & Cindy Zulker
The Philip CenterThe Philip Center serves local churches in New England and beyond. It specializes in personal evangelism in the form of evangelistic outreach, evangelism training, and evangelism consulting. The Philip Center also provides spiritual and physical renewal to men and women in ministry in New England.
Peggy Fletcher
PioneersPeggy serves on the Executive Team at the U.S. office of Pioneers, working on various ministry projects, candidate orientation programs, training, church partner forums, and traveling to the field to visit missionaries. She is also involved with Third-Culture Kids, the Pioneers International Council, and Heart Craft.


Matt & Tara M.

Matt grew up and was baptized in Stone Hill Church. He and his wife Tara have served at a hospital in West Africa since 2008. Matt serves as a physician, Director of HIV programs, and liaison to their hospital chaplains. Tara coordinates homeschooling for their four children.

Reda Anderton
World TeamReda provides health care for the Baka people in surrounding camps as well as for the non-Baka local community. She is also a health consultant for the World Team missionaries in Cameroon. Reda plans to progress in developing health lessons in the Baka language and continue to provide medical consultations.
Dan & Ginny Bryant
New Tribes Mission

Dan and Ginny had orientation in Conakry, Guinea before moving to the village where they have now lived since 2004. They have been involved primarily in language and culture study. They are involved in the lives of the people around them through ministries such as medical work, a school building project in the neighboring village, and other community development projects. They are also becoming involved in the national church in town. 

Ted & Dana Witmer
CrossworldTed teaches and is director of projects at Shalom University. Dana practices pediatrics and Tropical Medicine. She is also involved regularly in evangelism and community outreach.


Shirley Hinkson

Shirley works to win the lost through personal appointments and evangelistic teas and to disciple those women who receive Christ. She teaches the Bible at international women's conferences, Cru staff conferences, and Hinkson Christian Academy. She trains workers on evangelism, encourages other missionaries, and prays for revival. She disciples new and younger believers.

Jack & Pat Barentsen
Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Jack trains leaders by teaching Christian Education, Pastoral Care and Church Leadership at ETF (an Evangelical Seminary in Belgium, www.etf.edu). He researches, writes and speaks on leadership. Pat shares Christ in relationships she builds through her walking club and her part-time florist job. Together, they serve their local church, Jack as teaching elder, Pat in music and creative ministries.

Ron & Rosa Fisher
CrossWorldSince 1975 the Fishers have been planting churches in Milan, Italy. After a heart attack in 2005, their children, now all located in the U.S., wanted them closer. So they now divide their ministry year between Italy and the U.S., spending six months in each location. Their ministry is focused on theological teaching and writing. Rosa, who is Italian, collaborates in all his writing projects.
Ron & Hildegard Furst
Biblical Ministries Worldwide

The Fursts have been engaged in church-planting in southern Germany and Luxembourg. They are engaged in training ministries and outreach in the Wangener Bible Church and neighboring Allgäu independent Bible churches.

Woody & Sue Lewis
CrossworldWoody teaches at Geneva Bible Institute, conducts training weekends, and has personal one-on-one discipleship of 10 young men. He also taught in Senegal for two weeks at a Bible School. Sue recently wrote and published a Bible study manual for new believers. She is also on the board of GBI.
Lynn & Karen McAdam
OC InternationalLynn uses his writing and teaching skills to promote leadership development and support the growth of healthy churches in Germany and Austria. The team website (www.Kompass-eV.net) is a popular resource for pastors and church leaders. Karen serves in and through their local church in Fuessen. She is also Chair of the Black Forest Academy board.
John & Stella White

John teaches missions and Stella teaches English at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kyiv, Ukraine. John is currently working on developing new programs to train nationals in missions, including a short-term missions preparation course and a master’s degree in urban missions.

South America

Sergio & Marcia Nascimento
Crossworld in BrazilAfter years of living close to Sao Paulo, God has gifted the Nascimentos with the possibility of returning to ministry in northern Brazil to work with indigenous people. Presently, they make a number of trips each year as teachers for the indigenous Bible training program in remote villages. They also disciple seminary students, work with local church leadership, and train students who have decided to serve as trans-cultural missionaries.
Doug & Audrey Smith
Instituto InterGlobal/IGThe goal is to rapidly proliferate mission training centers. These mission corner refreshment stands cooperate to create an interactive network sharing curricula, courses, professors, students, facilities, information and vision. They work to provide orientation upon request in order to form a local contextualized curricula. They serve as a neutral hub for field-based education, which is available to all, up to the Ph.D level.