Explore God, Question #6: Is the Bible reliable?

We worship the God Who Sees,
for He knows everything, including us, perfectly,
and has still loved us in his Son.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014
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Learning to do life together in prayer

Prayer has great power (James 5:16).

Pray until you pray! That’s a bit of cryptic advice about the Christian’s prayer: in particular, the need to persist through the dry and roving moments at the beginning of prayer until you truly settle into the presence of God and open your heart to him. Keep on calling your soul back to prayer until the reality of God descends and you really do pray.

But I’d like to turn the line aslant for a moment. In a different sense, it offers an unexpected comment on our Stone Hill facility. Ironically and fittingly, after years of prayer about relocation we finally have a facility with a room dedicated for prayer and prayer alone. We have prayed so now we can pray.

As soon as you enter the Atrium, turn right, head for the coatroom, and veer over to the right again. There it is, tucked around the corner, the Westerly Prayer Chapel. Inside you’ll find some important keepsakes from our Westerly Road facility: the wooden cross and communion table that stood at the front of the sanctuary.

If you do a complete turn and look back at the entrance door, you’ll see a plaque to the left with this inscription:

In late November of 1956 a small band of dedicated Christians met for the first time in what was then a new facility, located at 37 Westerly Road, Princeton. This chapel is named in commemoration of that small building, the Westerly Road Church, and the individuals whose visionary sacrifice made it possible. May the people of Stone Hill Church never forget its humble beginnings and the stalwart faith of its founders.

Inspiring words and true. But of course the Westerly Prayer Chapel is not about memories from the past. It is about prayer. So in it you will find an abundance of material designed to fuel prayer: our weekly prayer guide, missions prayer letters, copies of Operation World, various booklets and guides to the Christian’s prayer. The seating is moveable so as to encourage individual prayer, circles of prayer, or a larger gathering. So please make a practice of stopping and praying until you pray.