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Sunday, March 16, 2014
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Romans 12:13 challenges us to ‘seek to show hospitality.’  All of us are given the responsibility to welcome people into our fellowship not just on Sunday but all throughout the week. As we seek to do this individually and personally, I wanted to make sure that all of us understood some of the pathways that help to welcome and enfold new people into our fellowship.

#1 - The Welcome Center (located in the Atrium): This is a good place to take a newcomer, particularly on their initial visit. At the Welcome Center a newcomer is presented with a welcome gift and offered an opportunity to sign up for more information about Stone Hill Church.

#2 - Newcomer Lunch/Receptions: These opportunities provide a context for newcomers to meet other members and leaders from Stone Hill Church. We are having a Newcomer Lunch immediately after the 11am service today in Harris Hall.

#3 - Front Porch: The Front Porch ministry starts today at 9:30 am in Harris Hall. The Front Porch provides an opportunity for making relational connections during the opening time of fellowship. Then, two different Adult Sunday School Classes are offered: Sermon on the Mount and Orientation to Ministry & Community at Stone Hill. The Orientation class is specifically designed to help enfold newer people to Stone Hill.

#4 - Small Groups: We encourage everyone at Stone Hill to consider being in a small group. To join a small group:

Go to stonehillprinceton.org/connect/groups
Go to stonehillprinceton.org
Click “Join a Small Group” tile at top right of homepage

As we individually seek to show hospitality, let us work together and help those that are newer to our church to get connected through the Welcome Center, Newcomer Lunches/Receptions, The Front Porch and through Small Groups.