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Sunday, April 6, 2014
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Markers of EOS Success

Last Sunday was the public launch of the Expanding Our Serve (EOS) campaign. By way of follow-up, I thought I would review some key markers of success for the campaign. Strictly speaking, the financial goal of the Campaign is to raise between $2.5 and $3.5M (to be given over three years) toward the roughly $5.8M needed to pay off the debt on our Stone Hill facility. But money is only part of the story of the EOS Campaign. Here are other measures of the work of God in our midst:
Prayer: Spiritual life begins and ends with prayer. EOS will be a success if it is marked by earnest prayer for our church by individuals, small groups, dorm rooms, families and as a congregation.
Faith-based sacrifice: Remember the widow’s “two small copper coins” in Mark 12:42? Her tiny sum was a great gift, for it sprang from a faith that embraced sacrifice. Similarly, for some of us, giving just a little will be an exercise of faith, one that involves sacrifice. For others, much more is required. But for all, regardless of means, the offering of ourselves as living sacrifices to do God’s will is critical to our shared spiritual life (Romans 12:1-2).
Broad-based participation: God will get great glory if the EOS campaign is marked by support from every segment of the congregation. He is praised when every member of the body contributes what is necessary for the body’s health and life (Ephesians 4:16). With that in view, your leaders are praying that young, old, singles, married, students, area residents – everyone – will participate in some way.
Leadership base: I am praying that EOS will be an opportunity for the formation of new leaders at Stone Hill. Already we have seen the Lord at work on this, calling different people to step forward, volunteer, and take on new leadership responsibilities. I look forward to other leaders emerging.
Soul-strengthening testimonies: In the past, our Arise! and GO! campaigns were punctuated by stories of spiritual growth as God has called people to new levels of commitment and faith. May similar stories be told because of the EOS Campaign.

Please remember these markers in your prayers this week. May the Risen Lord be glorified in every way during the EOS Campaign.