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Sunday, April 27, 2014
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A Report on My Trip to Haiti (Part 1)

The gospel is bearing fruit and growing (Colossians 1:6).

Despite its brevity, my four-day trip to Haiti two weeks ago was one of the most effective and encouraging ministry trips I have ever taken! Carine, our Global Outreach Director, summed it up this way: “The Arcahaie dedication was amazing!  Pastor Matt did a great job preaching. In a matter of days the church building was transformed from a construction zone to a dynamic sanctuary.  Over 700 people attended. And the service, including Pastor Matt’s sermon, was broadcast live on Radio Limier, one of Haiti’s premier Christian radio stations.”

Let me provide more details: in particular, five reasons why the trip was so meaningful. I will share two today and three more next week. First, Carine, Mark Bradley (from Church of the Savior in Wayne, PA), and I saw God’s gospel at work in people’s lives. An example would be Carine’s brother, Moshe, who joined us for the weekend along with his beautiful family. A couple of years ago he recommitted his life to Christ. He is now a deacon in his church, and his smile beams the joy of Christ:

Second, our gifts of money and team labor are making a difference. Here are before and after photos of the “Eglise Baptiste de l’Arcahaie” (Baptist Church of Arcahaie). The pictures speak a thousand words: