The Story of Our Quest for Love from the World

A great gospel promise:
In Christ you have been given all the wealth you need
for life overflowing with faith, hope, and love.


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Sunday, October 5, 2014
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Pastor to People: 

On Saturday, October 18, Stone Hill is sponsoring “Marriage Matters.” It will be an inspiring day of instruction for any and all who are married or engaged or considering marriage or hoping one day to be married. “Marriage Matters” is for people who think their marriage is the best thing since sliced bread, for those whose marriage is down in the dumps, and for everyone in between. The teacher is Winston Smith, author of the recently published Marriage Matters (New Growth Press), counselor with the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, and former counselor at Stone Hill Church.

Here are some comments from church staff (and a special guest!) as to why they are attending:

Tracy: Denise and I find that taking a day to focus on our marriage is always well worth the time and energy.  We are looking forward to hearing Winston Smith and spending a day to work on our relationship alongside others.

Carine: Yes, I’m going to the marriage seminar! Surprised? I’m not. Sure, I would rather be attending a singles weekend cruise to the Bahamas, but I am choosing to participate in the seminar to learn from Winston Smith and others in attendance. It will help me prepare for the day when God chooses to bring me a mate, and I’ll learn how to support married couples.

Bobby: God has gifted me with a great wife, Lori. Granted, without Christ himself I don’t know where I would be as a disciple, husband, father, pastor, and student; but by his favor he has provided Lori as a support for me (Pro. 18:22). And conversely I pray that I’m her support. We’re attending because we want to grow as loving supporters for each other in all areas of life. 

Karen Ristuccia: Three reasons compel me to attend "Marriage Matters."  First, Winston Smith is a wise and relevant counselor. He knows how to bring God's word to bear on everyday realities. Second, marriage is so important that it deserves analysis and up-girding even after my 37 years with Matt.  Third, a day-long conference allows us to meet Stone Hill-ers in a different context.