Allowing the Gospel to Change Our Lives: Colossians 3

Jesus Christ is our All-Wise Counselor.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015
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Update from Bobby Tunstall, Youth Pastor on the recent Youth Mission Trip to Providence, RI:

After church on Sunday, August 2, a group of youth and leaders from Stone Hill loaded up vans and a trailer with art supplies, sports equipment, musical instruments and had our GPS set to Providence, RI. Our mission was to serve inner city children on the West Side of Providence through a week long program called Summer–Off, similar to an outdoor VBS. We worked alongside Tim Zulker, a missionary supported by our church, as well as with a new church plant called West End Community Church (please pray for them as they kick off Sept. 6!)

The week was filled with God’s power—thank you for your supportive prayers. What we were expecting was ministry opportunities in a public park, what God had planned for us was much more!

First, the Summer–Off program was amazing, many kids came out to join in on art crafts, face painting, sports, puppet shows, live worship music, Bible stories, and so much more. We were humbled by the response of the community. But ministry didn’t stop there, we also prayed with people in the city, shared our faith, held public worship services, built deep relationships with churches in the city, and grew closer as a team. I’ll treasure the nights of sharing testimonies from the day, laying on hands as we prayed for each other, and singing praise songs as people passed by on the streets.

Here is a testimony from a girl in our group who will be a junior this fall, “I didn’t understand why we would do trip in America when the rest of the world needed our help. But after serving the kids in the park God opened my eyes to the needs of my neighbors here! I’m amazed how God can take a simple act of love and do something unexpected with it.” And all God’s people said, AMEN!