Allowing the Gospel to Change Our Lives: Colossians 3, Part Four

Sing for joy because of Jesus Christ,

      who has proven to be a powerful keeper,

              protecting his people in every age!

Bulletin for: 
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Order of worship: 
Pastor to People: 

Dear Stone Hill Church, 

One of the weaknesses of the fast–paced east–coast culture is that it can crowd out the development of meaningful relationships. This means that a fair number of us are trying to live out the gospel of Jesus without having a close–knit community of other believers for support and encouragement. While we have all been called to live in central Jersey, we are also called to live in a counter–cultural way where living the gospel in community is not optional for the followers of Jesus Christ. 

Let me share two specific ways to build community here at Stone Hill and in your life. 

First, commit yourself to be part of a small group starting this fall. We will have over 40 different small groups for you to get involved in and start building community. Sharing life together in a small group allows you to intentionally develop relationships and live out the gospel together. All of us need people to help us, encourage us, and pray for us. All of us need to provide encouragement, support, and prayer for others. If you are interested in a small group please consult our website: or email Pastor Tracy (  

Second, find a place to serve others at Stone Hill Church. We have many opportunities where you can use your spiritual gift to serve. Please email the church office ( and we can send you the latest ministry opportunities and how you can connect with the ministry leader of that area.  

In His Grace,

Tracy Troxel

Pastor of Outreach and Congregational Care