The Neighbors You Know at Work

Hallelujah, our sins are taken away!

      Jesus Christ has worked for us a perfect salvation,

                 and we no longer need to offer sacrifices for our sin.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015
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Pastor to People: 

As you may have observed, I have been asking people to tell their stories in this space on Communion Sundays. Today’s stories are told by two young adults in our congregation. I am so proud of these two young men, for the spiritual decisions they have made, and for their desire to reflect Christ in an exciting new business venture.

Jericho Cruzado: I grew up in a Christian home, but went astray during my college years. During that time, I was exposed to much of a culture that I had only read about and knew very little of. I took it upon myself to assimilate as best I could—an attempt to find something that I did not know I already had. And so I went, immersing myself in drugs and promiscuity, increasingly distancing myself from my faith.

When one of my close friends suddenly passed away weeks before my graduation, I began to question what I really got out of living the way I had. After I stripped away all my idols and misconceptions, all that remained was Christ. It finally dawned on me that with Him as my shepherd, I would not want for anything else.

Ben Henrie: Growing up in the church, I knew a bunch of Bible stories and concepts that were taught to me through Sunday school and youth group, but as I got older they didn’t mean as much to me. I was pretty much talking the talk and not walking the walk. My high school years were composed of doing what I wanted and ignoring what I had been taught growing up. God took me to Haiti and through all the trips and a 9–month stay, He brought me closer to Himself in many ways. Through that time serving Him in a third world country and also through the rise and fall of a relationship God completely changed my heart towards Himself. Now I strive to serve Him in whatever capacity He lets me.

We started The Herald Threads Project in an attempt to start a conversation with those who would otherwise shy away from the topic of Christianity. “Streetwear culture” is too often inundated with overt references to sexuality or substance abuse, yet hardly any dare to create images that depict the power of our faith and what we as Christians believe in. We want to be part of the collective few that do.