Jesus Christ, the Name above all names!

     Christ Jesus has been highly exalted,

           upon him the Father has bestowed

                    the greatest of all names!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015
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Pastor to People: 

In light of the recent Ashley Madison scandal, and in recognition of the very real struggles that sexual sin can present to even the most solid Christians, I want to share an impassioned plea written by Aileen Challies, wife of author and blogger Tim Challies. Given that most of the Ashley Madison clients were men, Aileen’s plea is directed accordingly. So guys especially, let’s hear what she has to say.  

Six years ago, Tim wrote Sexual Detox, and I followed up with False Messages. The number of letters we received shocked us—heart-breaking, soul-crushing emails from guilty men and women married to unfaithful husbands. I wrestled and fought to understand it all from a biblical perspective. Why do so many men, and even so many Christian men, have such weakness when it comes to sexual sin?   

Then came Ashley Madison and the suggestion that hundreds of pastors would have to resign after being caught with accounts on this website that glorifies adultery. And it’s not just pastors—hundreds of other Christian men, both single and married, have been caught up in the scandal. Now there are more broken homes, more devastated churches, more weeping wives, more mocking of God.  

You who keep choosing to sin, you who keep visiting those websites, you who have secret lives you keep hidden from your friends: Why won’t you stop? You know that God loves to give victory over every sin. You know that God calls you to pursue sanctification. You know that the Holy Spirit equips you to succeed. God has given you everything you need in the gospel.  

Stop believing that this is a special sin. This isn’t a special sin, it is just sin: God-belittling, Christ-mocking, Spirit-despising sin. … Stop indulging in your sin, and start thinking and acting like a God-honoring, Christ-praising, Spirit-glorifying man. For the love of God and his church, stop.  

(Pastor Matt again) Earnest heart-felt words. Never ever forget, in Christ God has given us the resources we need to deal. Don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Tracy or me if you want help. It is not a shame to do so. It is a way to call upon the name of the Lord and find his rescue!