The Worthy God and Babylon

Give thanks to the Lord;

                 He is our faithful provider.


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Sunday, November 22, 2015
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Pastor to People: 

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

At this past Sunday’s Vision Night, I spoke about our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ in Princeton and around the world. I explained three changes which will sharpen that statement in 2016. I also identified ways in which we can take the mission to a new level over the next few years, including things like:

  • becoming more goal-oriented in evangelistic prayer and outreach,
  • teaching, preaching, and training in light of crisp analysis of the distinguishing marks of the surrounding culture,
  • upgrading our development of younger leaders, especially “millennials.”

There’s more for me to share around these and other things, and I will do so in January. In the meantime, allow me to speak directly to the connection between mission and year-end giving. Simply put, in order for us to move our mission forward in 2016, we need to enter the new year fully resourced. “Fully resourced”: that’s not just a fancy way of saying, “let’s end the year in the black.” No, instead it’s a way of saying, “God is calling us to advance his mission in Christ. And the mission is about many important things: kids and worship and VBS and missions and students and staff and small groups and care and bagels in the Atrium and…. So let’s band together in every way, including year-end generosity, and let’s do so out of shared faith in Christ’s power and call.”

In order to fully resource vision this year and advance it in the years ahead, we should keep giving in line with the budget approved in January. Here, then, is a snapshot of current financials based on that budget. Note that we normally present a snapshot of actual expenses and will do so in the weeks ahead. Note also that expenses are significantly less than budget:

  • Gifts received year to date (11/15) = $1,178,428
  • Total budgeted income for 2015 = $1,882,995
  • Amount needed by year end to meet budget = $704,567

$704,567 is a lot of money. But remember: God has helped us meet similar challenges in years past. And he has done so through all of us banding together. Your year-end tithes and offerings will provide the necessary resources for advancing mission locally and worldwide. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.