Isaiah 49


Jesus Christ and John the Baptist


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Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Three “turning point” testimonies

Tia Smallwood: After losing a job a few months after 9-11, I prayed for a job search story that would show God’s faithfulness to do for me exactly what would honor Him and not me. I kept a notebook of every networking call, outreach, follow-up and application. I prayed for a job before the notebook was full. Ten months later, with no prospects in sight, I flipped to the last page in the notebook, writing smaller and smaller. While on that page, I received a recruiter’s phone call that resulted in a job offer. I discovered again that not only is God faithful, but he understands what to remind me of: Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for Him (Psalm 37:7).

Nada Hana: Growing up as an Egyptian-American, being a Christian to me was merely a label. I was a member of a home that followed religious protocols. After attending youth group my perspective of church changed. The fellowship of others opened my eyes to God’s intimate love. My commitment to the Lord was confirmed and my love for His people brought to life with purpose. I am reminded of His unreserved grace; Ephesians 2:8-10. As my struggles grow today, so does my journey with Christ, and I am thankful for God's sustaining work in my life.

Brian Dorini: I didn’t believe the whole Bible was true.  I hadn’t even read it, and I didn’t understand salvation.  Yet I thought I was fine spiritually. God disagreed!  With patient love, He showed me that I did not know Him well and that my faith lacked joy.  God called me to read and believe the Bible and to base my life on it. He used clever means to draw me in: purely intellectual curiosity in Scripture, evangelical radio preachers, a Christian group at law school where I saw the joy that was missing.  I created roadblocks such as clinging to religious traditions and examining self-help philosophy. But in the end I read the Bible, God answered enough of my questions, and I was on my knees pledging my life to Him. I am ever thankful!