1 Timothy 1:12-20

          God resists the proud: Jesus said, "Whoever humbles

himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”


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Sunday, March 12, 2017
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Get wisdom; get insight  (Proverbs 4:5).

Last fall, we launched Readers’ Reviews as part of our church app. I’ve asked Emily Lo Gibson, editor, to talk about their strategic value:

A couple weeks ago I was in a coffee shop, and the man next to me had a stack of books beside him with a sign, "I am an author. Ask me anything!" I did, and we had a great conversation about his writing career and our favorite books.

Books bring people together across cultures, ages and education levels -- and like my encounter in the coffee shop, they spark discussions that can lead to richer conversations. Readers' Reviews is a great place for these conversation starters. Since debuting last fall, readers have reviewed 23 books: Christian, secular, fiction, nonfiction. We are still expanding our variety of books; we hope to have something for everyone.

We have a growing group of reader-reviewers with unique viewpoints. Let me share some of their words:

Danielle Sallade: "I hope Readers' Reviews will spark more conversations about what we are learning, what has inspired us, what has helped us -- and thus, deepen our relationships."

Tracy Troxel: "Good books with good stories help me see the world in a different way. This creative disruption enlarges my vision for the world, people and issues."

Alex Kato: "The book I last reviewed prepared me to better love my neighbor. It taught me about a group of people in our country I knew nothing about."

Sylvia Kocses: "Reading Christian books like Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias has helped me answer difficult questions about origin, meaning, and morality from the Christian worldview."

You can find Readers’ Reviews on the Stone Hill app. Reviews are published once a week on Wednesdays. Who knows what conversations these new ideas may spark?

Help us out: We are looking for people of all ages to write for Readers’ Reviews. If you want to learn more, send me an email (emily.w.lo@gmail.com). Also, to give us a better idea of how we can better serve the church with this feature, we have a short survey. Find it online here: http://bit.ly/readersreviews