Spoken Word: Easter

Easter Sunday 2017: Christ is risen, the tomb is empty!


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Sunday, April 16, 2017
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About this morning’s sermon

Today’s “sermon” tells the Easter story in the words of Scripture. Verses from the Gospels and New Testament letters are woven together in a way that tells the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Here are some comments to help you get the most out of this Gospel story:

  • So many things in the Easter story provide answers to questions we all have. Be on the look-out for answers to things you wonder about and doubt you have.
  • Sometimes people try to follow along in their Bible. But the narrative jumps around from Gospel to Gospel. Instead, sit back and listen.
  • As people in the story respond to what God is doing, ask yourself, “In what ways am I like them? In what ways different?”
  • Pay special attention to God’s faithfulness. God is the Great Promise-Keeper. He promised to raise his promised king, the Messiah, from the dead. And he did so! Allow God’s faithfulness to develop your faith in Christ as Promise-Keeper.  
  • In the resurrection, God began making all things new. The world will be different because Jesus rose from the dead. God reversed evil and now offers a fresh start in his Son. Know that, with simple renewed trust in Jesus, you can experience God’s re-creating work!
  • Here’s the background to some lines that might otherwise get lost:
    • Wine mixed with gall: In Roman times, gall was used as an anesthetic. It deadens pain. Imagine: Jesus refused to deaden the pain of his crucifixion!
    • My Lord and my God! Doubting Thomas comes full circle when he sees the Risen Jesus. For him to affirm that Jesus is his “Lord and God” is not a throwaway comment: his skepticism has been answered, his personal beliefs are transformed.
    • He’s calling Elijah: Jesus’ cry from the cross begins with the Aramaic word “Eloi,” which means “my God.” But “Eloi” sounds like and can therefore be confused with the word “Elijah.”
    • 153 large fish: Only an eye-witness could report the exact number!
    • Peter, do you love me?: Jesus asks Peter this question three times, corresponding to the three times Peter denied him a few days before. This is a healing question.

May God bless his Word this morning. May he accomplish remarkable things in your life and mine. All glory to the Risen Christ!