Proverbs 22: 1-9

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Sunday, July 30, 2017
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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).

Throughout the history of his people, God has used the question and answer format to help sink truth into the heart of his followers. You can see this, for instance, in Exodus 12:26-27.  Christians have adopted the same “catechesis” format to teach both doctrine and worldview. With the beauty of early summer all around us, I thought I would share a short catechesis that summarizes the main teachings of Genesis 1 concerning God as Creator.

Q1: Where did everything come from?

        A: From God ultimately, because God “created the heavens and the earth.”

Q2: How did God make everything?

        A: Whether directly or indirectly, God made everything with a simple word of decision.

Q3: Did God create everything on a whim?

        A: No, not at all. God made everything according to his great and gracious purpose.

Q4: Was God pleased with what he made?

        A: Yes, most definitely. Six times during creation week he pronounced his creation “good.” And at the end of creation week, he pronounced all of it “very good.”

Q5: What do we learn about God from the variety of creatures he made?  

        A: We learn that God is a creative Creator who, though One God, delights in an incredible diversity of creatures. And in his new creation in Christ, God continues to delight in an incredible diversity of redeemed people who faithfully follow the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

Q6: Are human beings different from other creatures?

        A: Oh yes! We human beings are unique among all creatures, for God made us alone “in his image,” He did this so that we might extend his life, purpose, and care over the rest of creation. There are therefore no ordinary people; though marred by sin, each of us bears God’s image.

Q7: What does it mean that God “finished his work” on the seventh day?

        A: It means that God completed all the unusual “hard” work of bringing an orderly and purposeful creation out of its previous "formless and void” state. Having done that, God settled into the “daily” work of controlling his universe and watching over his people with ease and mercy.

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