Romans 11:33-36

"To the glory of God alone": God's glory is our purpose, our delight, and our destination. 


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Sunday, October 29, 2017
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The entrance of God’s words brings light (Psalm 119:130).

Our dear sister Alyssa Evans writes the last of this month’s Reformation biographies:

Andreas Karlstadt was one of the influential reformers at Wittenberg University alongside his colleague, Martin Luther. Karlstadt was one of the first people to be dramatically impacted by Luther's new teaching that re-emphasized Scripture, grace and the limits of human capability to do good works. At first, however, he was a vocal critic of these new emphases. 

Karlstadt was a leading professor of theology and, like most of his contemporaries, relied on a highly technical, logic-oriented methodology. Luther called this methodology “scholasticism” and criticized it for misunderstanding Scripture and the church fathers. During a public academic disagreement, Luther challenged Karlstadt to read the church fathers to see whether the scholastic theologians had understood them correctly or not. So Karlstadt did so. He began by reading a collection of Augustine’s works in January 1517 with the express intention of proving Luther wrong. He narrates the unexpected—even unwanted—break in his thinking that came as a result in an introduction to one of his books. Karlstadt characterizes himself as striving to live a righteous life by his own power; he says that he was so deeply entangled in this system of thought that his heart was hardened. But now “the uncovered truth poured into me, and I recognized I was deceived by a thousand scholastic opinions.” He had a 180° turn and was now determined to take all the energy he had used to advance scholasticism and turn towards the Bible and church fathers as central. 

Addressing the students at Wittenberg, Karlstadt tells them to rejoice that they can now hear, understand, and learn “from the font itself,” from the pure Bible and the church fathers without the obscure and vain philosophies of the scholastics. For a theologian who had been otherwise oriented for over a decade and had built his career by publishing scholastic works, this is indeed a significant break.

For a time, Karlstadt became Luther's most important ally in Wittenberg. He was the first to support the new “reformation theology,” helping to spread the ideas outside of Wittenberg in the very first years of the Reformation. 

Church notes: 

Congratulations to Karen Chinchilla, Erik, and Stephen Ranjan on the birth of Mateo Benjamin Ranjan.  

Adult Ed: “Commitment to one another” led by Fitzroy Dawkins meets at 8:30 am in the Adult Ed room. Next week’s topic is  Let Your Words Be Few and Your Actions Many.

Adult Ed: Theology Class will not meet. 

Adult Ed: 1 Corinthians Class will meet  at 9:30 am in the Library. 

Stone Hill 101: The last class will be held at 11:10 am in the Library.

Stone Hill Vision Luncheon: Pastor Matt will be speaking about where we are and where we are headed with our church’s mission.   The luncheon will be held in Harris Hall at 12:30 pm.

Baptism Class: If you want to be baptized, come to our two session baptism class today and November 5 at 11:10 am in the Adult CE room. The Baptism Service will he held on November 19 during both services. To sign up, go to 

Annual Pageant: Kids, teens, and adults! All are invited to take part in our Christmas Pageant. We have speaking parts, musical numbers, children’s choir songs and an “all instrument” orchestra for all ages. If interested, there’s a five-minute meeting today in the 3rd Grade Classroom at 10:45 am or contact Fred or Elma Achenbach.

Church Financial Update: As we reported last week, we get about 40% of our annual income in December.  We have set a goal of $300K general fund income for October and November combined in order to be well-positioned for a strong finish in December.  Through last Sunday (10/22) we had received $106K in income this month, an average of $26,500 per week.  To hit the $300K goal, we will need to average just under $38,800 weekly for the 5 Sundays between now and the end of November.  We thank you for your generosity and ask you to prayerfully consider your giving for the rest of 2017.

Second Offering Sunday:  November 12th. Stay tuned for details. 


Volunteers Needed: There is an immediate need for additional helpers in the Infant Room at the 11:10 am service.  Looking for a few people willing to commit to helping once every 4-6 weeks or even occasionally.  No advance prep is required--just a willing spirit and the knowledge of how to care for our littlest ones.  Please contact Melissa Johnsen.

Upcoming Events

Important Traffic Information—Princeton Half Marathon: The Princeton Half Marathon takes place Sunday, November 5. Traffic patterns around our church will be affected between 8–10 am. We have had a number of meetings with the police and race officials to try to avoid issues from previous years. Following are routes to use to get to church: 

  • After 8:40 am use Harrison Road to Bunn Drive to the church 
  • After 9:20 am use River Road to Herrontown to the church or the northern portion of Mt. Lucas to Poor Farm to Bunn Drive to the church
  • After 9:36 am use Ewing Street to  Mt.Lucas/Bunn Drive 
  • The race should be cleared after 10:04 am

The Princeton Police Department will be directing traffic at a couple of stops near the church (Poor Farm Road/Mt. Lucas; Bunn Drive/Poor Farm Road; and Snowden/Herrontown) and via a single lane on Herrontown Road in front of our church. Let the police know you are going into the church and they will let you through. If you are coming down River Road, disregard the barrier at River Road and Herrontown that says “road closed”. Please contact Jim Erickson with any questions. 

Parents of Teens Forum: Stone Hill Church invites you to attend two forums to help parents discuss and understand how to support their teens as they navigate through family struggles in the turbulent adolescent years in our performance, stress, and anxiety ridden community. The events are held on November 10 & 11, 2017. Visit the Welcome Desk for more information or for information and registration.