Galatians 4:21-5:1

When we see God fulfill every promise, we will laugh and rejoice.

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Sunday, December 30, 2018
Order of worship: 
Pastor to People: 

Dear Stone Hill Church Family,

Denise and I want to thank Stone Hill Church for the extravagant gift of our 7-week Sabbatical. God used that time to refresh us, strengthen us and challenge us both as individuals and as a couple. 

First, we wanted to thank a few people for this gift. We are so grateful to the elders for granting us this time away. The Sabbatical policy that was developed by the elders is a generous gift and we were so blessed to experience this time of renewal. We also thank Mary McCormack, Mary Castria and Pastor Jin for overseeing the Care Team during our absence and for the many individuals who helped meet a number of care needs within our congregation. We are also so grateful for Lara Holt, who provided administrative support to a number of ministries during the 7 weeks and for the church staff who shouldered extra burdens while we were away. Thank you all.

Because we had graciously been given the use of a friend’s home, we were able to spend most of our time away in Colorado. We hiked, skied and enjoyed the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. We read, listened to sermons and spent time being refreshed by God.

I did work on some projects as well. I was able to write down thirteen short stories from my time working at Chick-fil-A and hope to use these as testimonies of God’s faithfulness for others. I was also able to work on two scripture recitations from the Book of James and Romans. I hope to be able to recite these books sometime in the future.

When we left for sabbatical the Dallas Cowboys were 3-5. As we returned the Cowboys clinched the NFC East Championship. (One more blessing of the sabbatical)

Thank you so much for your generous care for us. We do appreciate it and we so appreciate Stone Hill Church.

In His Grace,


Tracy & Denise

Church notes: 


Financial Update:  This last week of the year is hugely important for Stone Hill Church in terms of ministry and giving! We have a goal of receiving $625,000 dollars during this month to ensure that we meet our ministry and budget obligations. Through December 24th, we have collected $336,766. We have always been a generous group of givers. We’re counting on your prayers, support and the Lord’s help to meet this important goal…

Adult Ed Class: Christian Theology is, as defined by Anselm of Canterbury, “faith seeking understanding.” It has a deep, historical significance to the Church as it has helped Christians critically reflect on what it is they believe and how that belief should affect what they do. The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to systematic theology, discussing core doctrines of the Christian faith and what they mean for our spiritual lives. Theological Thought in the Life of the Church will begin on January 6 and will be led by Jacob Zeller in the Library at 9:30 a.m.

Adult Ed Class: Malachi serves as the culmination of the Old Testament story while also looking forward to something new. Standing at this crucial juncture between Old and New Testaments, Malachi provides a great example of how the Bible fits together as a grand narrative that calls us to, equips us for, and encourages us in the mission of God. Join us to discover how you fit into God's story through the words of Malachi. Mark Catlin will be teaching on The Book of Malachi in Harris Hall at 9:30 a.m.  This class will begin on January 6.

New Year’s Eve Service: All are welcome to attend a New Year’s Eve installation service at Transformation Church. Transformation is inviting both of their mother churches, Central and Stone Hill, to be in attendance for this joyous occasion. The service begins at 7 p.m. at 431 Pennington Ave, Trenton, NJ 08618.