Galatians 5:2-15

The Holy Spirit sets us free to love one another.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019
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Two Turning Point Testimonies

Chris Baldwin: As a boy I was mystified by the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain. Why were Communists our enemies? What were people in those countries like? These questions grabbed me especially because the Iron Curtain divided Germany, the country from which my mother immigrated. After I came to faith in college, I was driven to find out if Germans of today shared that faith. In 1989 as Communism fell and the Berlin Wall opened, I watched in amazement. A year and a half later, I took the opportunity to work for 2½ months as an assistant to a German pastor in the former East Germany and hear many stories of growing up as believers there, with following Jesus being costly, though not as high as in other places. During those months my faith moved from my head to my heart, as I now knew that following Jesus made sense even outside North American culture, “…with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Rev 5:9b).

Sarah Schemmann:  When I got to college I was confused. I knew about God, but my Biology major was about “not” God. I decided that since school would lead to a job, I would functionally ignore God. I met someone who told me he loved God and believed the Word was true and was encouraged to read Genesis and Matthew. After a struggle, I saw that I could not disprove God's existence, or His goodness. I saw His involvement in my life. He turned me to a joyful course as he allowed me to trust Him.

When Gunter got cancer, I was conflicted. Sinfully, I wanted to hold back my praise and make a deal instead. But, I was encouraged to praise God by my friend, Sharon. I found I could praise Him through prayer. He helps me see that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose”.

I pray- Lord, give us eyes to see your unconditional goodness.

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Financial Update:  We rejoice to share about your generosity in December. We are still counting, but we did receive enough income in December to exceed our expenses for the year by at least $20,000 though we did not achieve the budget goal. Thanks be to God for each one who prayed, shared, or contributed to the ministry. Your efforts accomplished so much. We are preparing a full financial report in preparation for the annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 27th.

Men’s Freedom Group: Meets on Friday nights at 7 p.m. The Freedom Group is a support and encouragement group for men committed to a lifestyle of sexual integrity through the power of the gospel by addressing the lies of our sex-saturated society and its impact on our hearts. We know that we need each other. Do you need a few brothers, who understand, to walk with you confidentially in your struggle? Contact to learn more.

Extended Family: We will be ringing in the New Year with our very own Lindsei Lansky, our new Director of Children's Ministry. She's sassy. She's smart. She loves Jesus and has a wonderful testimony to share. Plan to join us January 9th at 11:30 a.m. Lunch provided. Invite a friend. See you there.  

DivorceCare: The breakup of a marriage is devastating.  If you’re experiencing separation/divorce or know someone traveling this difficult road, please consider attending or recommending DivorceCare. This 13-session, Christ-centered, recovery and support group is being offered at Stone Hill Church Saturday mornings February 2 – May 11. For details, contact Amy Hellesen Tumminelli at 201-317-5629 or To register online, visit

Habitat for Humanity: Prayers, Pancakes, and Partnerships – We are excited to share that Habitat for Humanity, Thrivent, and our local Faith community will be partnering together to build a home for a well deserving family this Winter and Spring in Ewing, New Jersey! Come join this kick-off breakfast (pancakes included) to learn how our congregation can put faith into action by partnering with Habitat for Humanity and other local churches in this effort.

When: Thursday, January 31 at 8:30 a.m.

Where: The Nassau Inn, Princeton, New Jersey

This breakfast is open to all! Please let us know if you’ll be able to join by emailing