Psalm 120

Our God is Jehovah Adon Kol Ha-arets, “Yahweh is the Lord of all the earth.”

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Sunday, February 10, 2019
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Honoring Mary McCormack

We ask you, brothers and sisters, to honor those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you (1 Thessalonians 5:12).

On Sunday, February 10th, is a day to recognize someone who has “worked hard” at serving the children of our church. For over twenty years, Mary McCormack has led the Children’s Ministries of (Westerly) Stone Hill. She deserves our honor and appreciation. So with that in view, here are words of appreciation and honor from members of our church staff:

Michael Sentance: When my newborn son, Asher, was in the NICU, Mary transferred a week of her vacation time to my account so I could be there with him. That tells you all you need to know about her character and selflessness.

Jim Erickson: Mary’s love of the Lord is clearly evident in the enthusiasm which drives and guides her ministry.

Jin Hyo Lee: Mary is not only a great Children’s Ministry Director, but also a wise woman. I have gone to her many times for ministry advice. She is a “great colleague”; the best I could ask for!

Lara Holt: Mary cares deeply for children and has dedicated years towards their spiritual nourishment.

Tracy Troxel: Mary has invested her life in our children.  She creatively and faithfully made the gospel clear to them.  The effect of her ministry investment will be felt for decades.

Doug Megill: Mary has high standards. That is part of the reason for the VBS Camp program and its success. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Debbie Monn: Mary is thoughtful and gracious, prayerful and wise. She is insightful into people's feelings and motives; I have learned how to ask questions and see ministry differently after working with her. I have witnessed her compassionate, patient, open-heartedness when caring for someone, and it has changed MY heart. 

Lindsei Lansky: Mary is one of those wise women you meet only a handful of times in your life. Ever since we met eight years ago, she has been a friend, a sister, and a mentor. My biggest honor was to be trusted by her to take over Stone Hill Kids and continue her legacy of faithfulness to the Word and love for the families of this church. 

Church notes: 


Easter Devotional Project: For the 40 days leading up to Easter we will walk through the story of how God saved the world from the first promise in Genesis to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The death and resurrection of Jesus was not an isolated event in history; it was the fulfillment of God’s plan from the beginning. To be included in the daily devotional email list contact the office at

Easter Prayer Project: Part of our calling as a church is to be faithful in sharing our faith with friends, neighbors and co-workers. An important element in our outreach is prayer. To help us pray faithfully, we are encouraging every person at Stone Hill to send in the names (just the initials) of 3-5 people in your life that God is nudging you to share the gospel with in the regular course of your life. Send the initials of your 3-5 people to Pastor Tracy Troxel ( We will keep this list confidential. Pastor Tracy will pray through the list on a daily basis. He will be praying that God will give you opportunities to share with your friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Extended Family: Will feature retired pastor, Rick Lorenson, as our February 13 guest speaker. Rick experienced a near death experience this past year and came away with why it's so important to live life to the fullest until the very end. He's positive, upbeat, and you'll not want to miss. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m. in the Library. Bring a friend.

Stone Hill Arts Series presents Colin Howland, Organist: The program will have something for everyone! Enjoy organ masterworks such as Toccata and Fugue in d minor by J.S. Bach, Fantasy in F minor by W.A. Mozart, and Final to Symphony No. 1 by Louis Vierne. It will also include some novelty pieces such as Fantasy on Nursery Tunes by Robert Elmore, as well as hymn arrangements. Join us this Saturday, February 16 at 7:30 p.m. Invite a friend! 

Praying for the World: Stone Hill Church is joining with the Lausanne Movement and Operation World to pray for the nations. What is God doing among the nations today? What are the challenges and opportunities we face in global mission? How can we pray in an informed way for the world? These questions are explored in Praying for the World, a weekly prayer guide to inspire and inform the whole church to pray for the whole world. Created through the partnership of Operation World and the Lausanne Movement. Subscribe through the website to receive weekly prayer guides with content for the week: In one year, you will pray for countries all around the world and a wide range of issues. Please join us and thousands of others in praying for the nations! Contact Lara Holt ( with any questions or comments.

Adult Ed Class: The Grand Narrative of Scripture Part 2:  Scripture tells one unified story from Genesis to Revelation, culminating in the person of Jesus Christ. From February–May we will continue following that story in the New Testament. Together, we will see how the New Testament completes the story begun in the Old and consider where and how we fit into that story. This class begins Sunday and is led by Jim Neumann in Harris Hall at 9:30 a.m.

Adult Ed Class: Who am I? Who are We? Learning What the Bible Says About Humanity: "Know thyself." This ancient command has always been difficult, and modernity's disorder only further confuses what it means to be human. In this class, we will learn how knowing ourselves as people begins with knowing the God who made us and our Lord Jesus Christ, who was true God and true man. This class begins Sunday and is led by Patrick Haley in the Library at 9:30 a.m.

Women’s Retreat: You’re invited to Walk With Jesus. After people met Jesus, they were never the same. This weekend come and enter into the stories of four very unlikely people who encountered Jesus. Our speaker, Jan Johnson, is skilled at helping people enter the story to see and experience things they might be tempted to overlook. The result is a whole new level of seeing and loving Jesus. This year our retreat is taking place just north of Philadelphia at the Mother Boniface Spirituality Center. This quiet location is the perfect place to get away from the rush of life and get rest. Cost is $190/person or $50 for Saturday program only (includes lunch). Registration is open through March 1, 2019. Register online today and invite a friend!

Collecting Donations for Haiti: We are collecting hygiene items for distribution to those in need in Haiti. The items will be transported to Haiti by the Stone Hill team during the March trip. Most needed items are deodorant, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. A full list of items is available at the Missions Corner. Please drop donations at the Missions Corner by March 3. Thank you!

Serving Opportunity: There is an immediate need for additional child care workers in the Nursery Area. Help is needed at both the 9:30 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. services. If you are willing to become involved in this ministry either once a month, every six weeks, once a quarter, or even add your name to the substitute list, please contact Melissa Johnsen (info@stonhillprinceton.og).

Stone Hill Kids: Save the Date for ROAR Camp 2019 - July 8th-12th. Registration starts April 1st.  More information to follow soon.