Ephesians 3:1-13

God is using His church to display His glory on earth. 

Bulletin for: 
Sunday, November 15, 2020
Order of worship: 
Discussion Questions: 
  • Paul mentions God’s grace over and over again in this text. He also mentions that he was the least of all saints. Paul was persecuting Christians before he came to Christ. He participated in the stoning of Stephen—Acts 8:1.
    • Is it hard for you to keep these two thoughts in your mind? On the one hand, we are all dreadful sinners. Yet we have received God’s grace. 
    • How do you keep these two beliefs in your heart?
  • Paul says that it is mystery that Jews and Gentiles are united together as equals in one community. It is incredible that Christ has done this. 
    • Do you sense this amazing reality? 
  • Paul says that through the church (3:10) the wisdom of God is being made known to the angelic (both good and evil) beings in the heavenly places. 
    • How hard is it for you to see that the church is displaying the glory of God to the angelic being?. 
    • If this is God’s purpose, how should we view the church and participation in it?
  • The church is part of God’s eternal purpose to reunite all things together under the authority of Christ. (3:9, 11) 
    • How should this reality change how we look at the church and how we should approach our involvement in the church?
  • The plan of God to reunite all things under the authority of Christ is what we are about as a church.  But Paul mentions suffering in 3:13. Since the plan of God center on the death of Christ---Christ’s suffering---our involvement in Christ’s plan will involve our suffering as well. 
    • Is this hard for you to accept? How could this change the way you view your suffering?