Titus 2:11-14

We live in joyful expectation because Christ will return.

Bulletin for: 
Sunday, December 27, 2020
Order of worship: 
Discussion Questions: 
  • Historically, the advent season was focused on themes related to Christ’s second coming and God’s judgment.
    • Why do you think there has been a cultural shift to focus on his first coming instead during advent?
    • What might the difference be to your spiritual life if you focused on Christ’s return as judge leading up to Christmas (where we focus on his incarnation)?
    • Talk about the concept of how the judge of the universe became a baby in a manger. 
  • Why is it important to know that God’s grace trains us for godliness and not our works?
    • How does that fact affect our motivation for our works?
    • How can you tell that you are living from a grace-based mindset vs. a works-based one?
    • How would others know?
  • What are cultural stereotypes of how people wait for the return of Christ?
    • How does this compare to what Titus teaches us?
  • Christians in America perhaps are more keen in talking about Christ’s first coming, but not so much his second.
    • Why do you think that is?
    • How does a Christian understanding of justice factor into the second coming of Christ?
    • What does that mean about our responsibilities now to one another?
    • To our society?