Ephesians 5:22-33

Through His sanctifying work, Christ presents His Church without blemish.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021
Order of worship: 
Discussion Questions: 
  • Marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ’s love for the church (5:32).
    • How does thinking about this picture help husbands and wives orient their partnership around Christ rather than themselves?
  • Since Ephesians is arguing that the purpose of God is to reunite all things together under Jesus Christ, how can this vision help husbands and wives understand their responsibilities for their partnership?
  • It is important to realize that the instructions for marriage is designed to promote unity rather than describe the particularities of how each marriage works out to complete the project of achieving unity under Christ’s authority.
    • How did Christ love the church?  What does this mean for husbands who must love their wives in the same way?
  • Submission is often viewed as a demeaning and potentially harmful concept for wives in a marriage.  Dr. Constable describes this responsibility in this way. “Submission means: organizing voluntarily to fill out a pattern that constitutes a complete whole. The word "support" is a good synonym for the biblical concept of "submit." A wife submits to her husband when she voluntarily "organizes" herself so she can complete her husband. A good example of this is illustrated by her cooperating with him when they run a three-legged race. They have to work together to succeed. Submission is essential for achieving oneness in marriage.”  Another way to look at submission is to see what Christ did in voluntarily following His Father’s plan to redeem the world through His death on the cross.