Fitzroy Dawkins


The joy of the Lord is my strength!  The joy of my life is my wife,  Tammy and our two daughters, Danielle and Ayana.  I became a Christian at age 14 after a long struggle between following my own passions and the need to submit to the Lordship of Christ.  Since then, there have been other struggles, principally, what professional course should my life take.  The choice as I saw it then was between full time ministry as a pastor  versus becoming a physician.  With my best judgement at the time I chose to become a physician.  My goal then was for a life time of dedication to patient care and engaging my physician-colleagues with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I was fully aware that men and women who were engaged in scientific pursuits and the healing arts were less inclined to be followers of Christ. I saw this then and now as "my mission" field.  I have since modified my goals. I am now focused on patient care through oncology drug development- firmly believing that the pursuit and development of effective medications is itself a service and consistent with my original goals as a young believer.