The Story behind the Story

Jesus Christ is the light of the world:

a never-to-fail shining light

that overcame the darkness of evil, fear and death.



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Sunday, December 22, 2013
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Pastor to People: 

Christmas Greetings from Pastor Matt and Karen

Along with the rest of our family, most of whom are pictured below, we wish to each of you a Spirit-blessed Christmas and a Christ-centered new year. Karen and I have no greater joy than to know, serve, and love each of you, and to hear and see you walking in the truth (3 John 4).

The picture was taken in early January to mark a special occasion, a Saturday evening when all of us came together to celebrate (belatedly) my 60th birthday. From left to right, the family at that time included Grace and Nathan, Karen and Matt, Eden Lilly (now three years old), and Joel and Janet, who live in Rocky Hill.

In the summer, Nathan and Grace moved from Washington DC to Chicago. As a result, family gatherings have not been as frequent as they once were. We count them a grace-gift when they occur. We had an extended one in August. All of us spent a week together at Beach Haven on the NJ shore, where we heard lots of stories of hurricane damage but saw remarkable recovery and creation beauty.

Absent from the picture above, but very present inside Janet (Mommy) during our week in Beach Haven, was the next Ristuccia, Matthan James. Named for the great- grandfather of Jesus (Matt. 1:15), he joined the family on November 25 around supper time.  We all love this new bundle of life and health, and enjoy watching Eden, who is so protective of her little brother.

And so, it is with sincere and thankful hearts that we wish to each of you a very Merry Christmas. May 2014 be a year of life and health in every way for all of us, all to the glory of God!

Merry Christmas!

 Pastor Matt and Karen