Explore God, Question #3 Why does God allow pain and suffering?

Let us worship God’s son, Jesus Christ,
as the Servant who suffered in our place.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014
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Pastor to People: 

The Stone Hill Arts Series provides a venue for us to serve our community by hosting various artistic presentations for the public at minimal or no cost.  These events are designed to connect the beauty of artistic expression with the beauty of God’s creative work in the world.

The Stone Hill Arts Series is also a great way to introduce your friend, co-worker or neighbor to great art/music and Stone Hill Church in a natural way.  Here’s how that could work:

Invite your friend to one of our musical/artistic offerings in 2014.

Attend the presentation with your friend.  The concert/artistic offering will focus on the presentation of art.  There will be a brief time for the artist to share how their faith and art connect.  This will be a natural part of the presentation.

Enjoy The Café after the event and introduce your friend to others in our fellowship.

Here’s our initial 2014 schedule of the Stone Hill Arts Series:

Sunday, February 9, 12:30 pm: Heather McMordie, the artist who created the drawings currently on display in the Atrium, will be discussing her process, the specific pieces on display, and how her work and faith inform and relate to each other.  A light lunch will be served.

Saturday, March 8: Double Piano Concert with our own Jamie Rankin and Duane Funderburk, Director of Worship and the Arts at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena. They will present an evening concert of pieces by Bach and Brahms.

Saturday, April 26: The Imperial Brass, a 25 piece brass band featuring our very own Gerry Wells, will present an evening of high-powered brass arrangements of great music.

Saturday, May 10: Our very own Steven and Robin Condy-Massie will provide and exciting evening program of vocal music.