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Let us worship God’s son, Jesus Christ,
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Sunday, February 9, 2014
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And all the believers were together… praising God (Acts 2:44, 47).

Learning to do life together in our new facility

Consider 2014 “the Year of Stone Hill Toddling.” You see, over the next many months we will be learning how to do life together in our new facility. And we will do so the way a toddler learns to walk, with a mixture of steps and tumbles. Do you remember, for instance, how overawed you were when you entered the Atrium for the first time? Its beauty arrests you right away. But let’s say you entered the Atrium in order to make your way to my office. So, not being one for signs, you instinctively turn right after the library and start down a hallway until you see the Stone Hill Kids arch and realize, “I knew Pastor Matt was young, but not that young!” So you retrace your steps and try another hallway - just like a toddler picks herself up after a tumble in order to toddle on.

The Year of Stone Hill Toddling. There are lots of things for us to toddle our way through this year. There are basic uncertainties before us, like predicting expenses for a building no one has ever used over the cycle of a year. And then there are new responsibilities, things like maintaining Health Board standards for food preparation in our kitchen. And on top of all this you have changed relational dynamics that result from an influx of visitors or the discovery of “new” people - people who attended Westerly but sat on the other side of the “L.”

These days my pastoral instincts move in two directions. First, I remember the richly biblical words, “long-suffering” and “peacemaking.” They will be operative words for us as we “trial and error” life together in Stone Hill. Second, I realize the need for heightened communication in a time of toddling. It is easy for toddlers to bump into one another. So over the next several weeks this column will provide some help and insight about ways to do life together in Stone Hill.