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Sunday, May 4, 2014
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Last week I provided the first two of five reasons why my recent trip to Haiti with Carine and Mark Bradley (Church of the Savior, Wayne, PA) was so meaningful. First, we saw God’s gospel powerfully at work in people’s lives. Second, we saw firsthand the difference our teams, the monies from our GO! campaign, and our prayer support are making.  I continue now with the remaining reasons.

Third, we met godly leaders from Arcahaie and around the country who are leading the church in Haiti well. Over 700 people were in attendance at the dedication service, and several dozen of them were from outside the Arcahaie area. Haiti is a bit bigger than New Jersey, approximately the size of Massachusetts, and as a result leaders from around the countrywere able to join us for the dedication with relative ease. It was an honor to spend time with these people.

Fourth, what a joy to see the Arcahaie church functioning at full speed. The final few days before the dedication were a whirlwind of activity. The body of Christ came together to prepare the building, cook the meal for the reception, organize and rehearse music, clean the site, and host visitors. Young and old did all this with eager and joyful hearts. 

Finally, the Arcahaie church values its partnership with us more than I can say. Prayers for Stone Hill are offered daily by many of the church’s leaders and congregants - and I really mean daily! The people love us and are committed to us, even though most of us are unknown to them by name or face. What a gift! A special cake was part of the Sunday reception. The inscription on the frosting showed their heart for us.