A Different Kind of Grace

Give us Jesus Christ, our Provider:

All that we have is from Him,

All that we are is through Him,

May all that we do be unto Him!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014
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Pastor to People: 

Today is a significant day in the flow of God’s story at Stone Hill Church—and, I might add, in the flow of his story in my life and yours. Today is Commitment Sunday, the day we step out in faith by the grace of God and make our pledges to the Expanding Our Serve Campaign. The financial goal before us is challenging: we are committing toward a range goal of between $2.5M and $3.5M, to be given over a period of three years (June 2014-May 2017). But there are other goals before us as well, and I want to highlight one of them: soul-strengthening testimonies of how God called us to new levels of commitment and faith through this campaign.

Here, then, are some testimonies of how God worked in individual lives through two previous campaigns, Arise! (2008) and GO! (2011). May they encourage you with the faithfulness of God and the joy of discovering it:

“My husband and I have been prayerfully considering our role in the Arise! Campaign at Westerly Road. God provided an answer to that prayer as the merit increase I received yesterday equals the weekly amount we had been considering. Praise God! He always provides when the time is right.”
“My wife and I decided to ask God to lead us independently to the same amount to pledge. So we both prayed for a week and then shared our amounts. Praise God, they were exactly the same!”
“For many years I have been putting aside a small amount each month, saving for our church’s building campaign. I had the amount ready to give, but after thinking about “the hope to which we are called” in Ephesians 1, I decided that I wanted to add more. So I am making some small sacrifices in how I spend my fixed income so that I can give even more – and I am happy to do so.”
“Wow is all I can say.  It will be hard to sleep tonight – God is good. This is a historic day at WRC” (Pastor Tracy after hearing about the congregational commitments from the GO! Campaign).

The Spirit of Christ has been at work through the Arise! and GO! campaigns; he continues to work through Expanding Our Serve. Be encouraged, brothers and sisters.