It Was Very Good: God, Genesis, and the Joy of Faith

 Give us Jesus Christ, the pearl of great price.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014
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Six Month Retrospective
Exactly six months ago we moved from Westerly Road to Bunn Drive, from a fifty-seven year old prefab building into our new, beautiful, thoughtfully designed facility.  All praise to God!

During the past six months, we have settled well into life together at Stone Hill. There have been all sorts of events to keep us extra busy: things like the public opening in early January, the formal dedication in early March, several Stone Hill arts events, one training seminar, two celebration banquets, a financial campaign, women’s and men’s retreats, plenty of receptions, the weekly Café, and Easter services with over 900 in attendance. Wow!

At a recent staff meeting, we looked back over the past half year and marveled at all God has done. As we discussed and prayed together, two ideas emerged that I want to pass along to you:

Recognition: Many many people have served extra hard and overtime to make this transition smooth and God-honoring. Volunteers, staff, leaders, fresh newcomers, stalwart old timers—there are way too many individuals for me to identify by name. But as senior pastor I want to tip my hat to each of you, expressing my appreciation for a job well done. I could not have assembled a better team to move our beloved church than you.

Relief: The schedule of activities over the past six months has been intense. For a while it seemed like major events were taking place every other week—and they were! But the transition time has passed, and with the arrival of June we can now settle into a more sustainably paced schedule. The next major event on our calendar is Vacation Bible School in mid-July. While its behind-the-scenes preparation is moving along at full clip, the more public aspects of promotion, training, and serving won’t take place for a few weeks. In the meantime, let us enjoy our fellowship in this new facility with grateful hearts and, as always, joyful faith.