Sermon from Dr. Paul Joshua: Being Converted

Great is God’s loving kindness!
He so loved the world
that he gave his one and only Son!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014
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~~God so loved the world that he gave us his Son (John 3:16).

VBS 2014 brought together all kinds of people in all kinds of ways for a single big purpose: to “give away” the love of Jesus. One of my favorite songs from the week expresses the joy of that purpose well: Your love is spinning me around and around. Yeah, it’s turning me upside down. I can’t believe the way you love me more than I can contain; I’m gonna turn around and give, give—give it away!

So let us give thanks to the Lord for all the gospel good that happened this week. And let us give thanks, as well, to the people who made it happen. Here are their names. Today, when you see someone on this list, give away some of Jesus’ love by letting them know of your

Mary McCormack, Becca Gater, Bobby Tunstall, Scott Nash, Fred Achenbach, Chris Small, Caty McCormack, Danielle Sallade, Mary Jones, Katherine Frawley, Helen Lee, Jason Giachetti, Connie Darrow, Kim Torquato, Julie Harris, Melissa Johnsen, Grace Henrie, Eleanor Sannella, Helen Trimble, Judy Jensen, Anne Woolley, Amy Baldwin, Sally Turner, Tim Turner, Wendy Koenig, Tia Smallwood, Nancy Lucas, Aime Weiss, Sonya Takasaki, Paige Ziehl, Elma Achenbach, Ildy Bodogh, Adrianna Bodogh, Penny Stone, Mic Boekelmann, Donna Nitchun, Sue Mika, Esteban Thomas, Jacob Pietras, Lynn Pietras, Annelise Fischer, Owen Johnson, Coco Doll, Olivia Rowe, Vijaya Ranjan, Phoebe Redmond, Emma Noyelle, Lisa Torquato, Andrea Weeks, Sarah Harris, Ben Henrie, Zach Achenbach, Jericho Cruzado, Leonardo Thomas, Patrice Wright, Margot Noyelle, Alba Thomas, Joanna Wong, Katie Baldwin, Bill Van Zandt, Walter Emann, Jane Van Zandt, Holly Jones, MercyAn Ranjan, Nada Hannah, Sarah Schemmann, Ethan Rowe, Pearl Wong, Lizzy Jean-Jacques, Alicia Herelle, Abigail Bazar, Scott Nash, Jonathan Ignarski, Carolyn Fischer, Hannah Wong, Kristin Harris, Ben Lo, Lucy Jameson, Pablo Thomas, Yves Jean-Jacques, Madhu Gammon, Jerry Lo, Max Boekelmann, Michelle Torquato, Bridget Smith, Christina Kantzer, Sandy Noyelle, Chris Cifelli, Danny Busch, Holly Jones, Katie Baldwin, Liz Bruno, Nathaniel Mariman, Tad Woolley, Herb Marshall, Amy Williams, Sarah Harris, Guiliermo Velez, Manuel Vasquez, Emma Zeichner, Katie Fitzgerald, Andrew Hong, Kierra Croland, Noelle Harris, Sarah Cudmore, Allison Cudmore, Bennett Emann, and many more!