Blue Mondays & God's Grace

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In Christ Jesus, you are ALL SONS OF GOD, through faith.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Dear Stone Hill Church,

Nearly 3 years ago the Lord brought me back on staff here at Stone Hill Church.  From 2008-2011 we had been living and working in North Africa.  The pace of life overseas was so much slower from the frenetic pace of the east coast.  In my first week back at Stone Hill I was shocked at the speed of the office.  Everyone was full throttle all the time.  It was easy for me to say, “You are trying to do too much, or slow down.”  I thought the pace of activity was borderline insane.

That was three years ago.  Today, I’ve become part of the busy culture just like before.  It’s the East Coast way: Whoever accomplishes the most, wins.  But do we really win in the end?  Busyness does not equal godliness.  Busyness can crowd out spiritual disciplines and relationships.  Busyness covers over our need for personal reflection and repentance.

How do we become less busy?  Let me give you two strategies.  First, pray for balance.  Pray that God would give you the power to live a counter-cultural life which refuses to glorify over-working.    Pray that God would show you the priorities that you need to focus on and the strength to say no to everything else.  Pray that God would help you get your work done in less time so that you can have time for spiritual reflection and personal relationships.

Second, sleep longer.  Psalm 127:2 tells us that sleep is a gift from the Lord.  It is useless for us to cheat our sleep in order to get more done.  Sleep is a gift and it reminds us that we are human and that our trust is in a God who never sleeps.

If you pray and sleep you may slow down and enjoy the life that God has given you.

In His Grace,

Tracy Troxel