A Friend Who Is Worth the Name

God’s love is revealed fully at the cross:
it is deeper and wider and longer and higher
than anything we could ever imagine.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014
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Pastor to People: 

This time of year I can’t help but reminisce about those first months of my freshman year at Princeton. At the time, I struck people as at ease and in my element, but inside I was frightened and apprehensive. My friendships were too new to seem authentic, I felt outperformed by high-caffeine classmates, and I couldn’t stop wondering why I had come to Princeton in the first place.

God used all this to work remarkable changes in my life. It was during my first semester that I finally understood who God was and what he offered in the gospel. I trusted Christ and sometime later attended Stone Hill (then known as Westerly Road). For the first time, I saw a church where people really sang the songs, fervently prayed, and actually seemed to believe what was said!

Over the years, God has used Stone Hill Church to impact many students for Christ. It’s one of those things that make this place so special. But note: it doesn’t just happen. Instead, by God’s grace we need to be intentional about welcoming each other into our lives, about breaking down the walls between town and gown that could otherwise separate one from another (Eph. 2:11-22).

Here are three ways that you can help tear down such walls:

Students: sign up for the church email list, and while you are doing it, consider ways that you can serve the church body during your time here. (For more info, go to www.stonehillprinceton.org/connect/college.)

Congregation and students: Sign up for the “Student Connections” ministry. Over the years, literally hundreds of students and families have participated in this program—always to their blessing. Karen and I can still remember moments from the time spent with our adopting families back in the 70s.

Everyone: After service, “meet in the middle.” Don’t head out the door to the tram or your car. Don’t go straight to the café and thereby miss the people who might otherwise head out the door. Rather, meet in the middle of the Atrium and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.

Such things make a difference. Such things mark the body of Christ.