A Cloud from the North

Our God is the Unsearchable God:
His greatness is beyond our understanding,
His wisdom is unfathomable,
His ways are past finding out.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014
Order of worship: 
Pastor to People: 

God’s good providence has provided for Stone Hill to be blessed by three people. The first, Eric Sague, is serving as our current intern. I’ve asked him to introduce himself:

I was born in Louisiana but spent my formative years in the great state of Texas. Jesus Christ called me into a discipleship relationship during my sophomore year of high school; to the question, “Will you follow Me anywhere, Eric?” I could only answer “yes.” At Taylor University, I learned that God's call to love Him with our minds was a command to pursue truth even into the uncomfortable.  My decision to follow Christ anywhere and my desire to seek truth merged when I came to study at Princeton Theological Seminary.  I am currently in my fourth year at the seminary, pursuing an M.Div. and an M.A. in Christian Education.

I have attended Stone Hill Church since 2011. Worshiping with the church and sitting under Scripturally-normed teaching have been God-given reminders that knowing, loving, and obeying God is the chief end of education. Interning with Stone Hill seems like a beautiful capstone to my training. This year I am teaching Sunday school to jr. high boys, helping with youth group, and being trained in pastoral care.

The other two, Alistair Begg and Ian Hamilton, are plenary speakers at this year’s Princeton Regional Conference on Reformation Theology (PRCRT), which will be taking place on Friday evening and Saturday, November 7-8. Its theme is “Providence,” the biblical teaching that God upholds and directs all things according to his wise and holy plan. You may have heard Dr. Begg’s daily program, “Truth for Life,” on the radio or through podcasts. He is a pastor in Cleveland, and Ian Hamilton is a pastor in Cambridge, England. The two of them are ideal expositors on the theme of providence since, when pastorally handled, it leads to greater faith, hope, and joy.  To find out more about the conference, visit either the Welcome Center in the Atrium or www.allianceNet.org.