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The Third Sunday of Advent

Jesus Christ is the Light of the World,
Revealing to us the path of reconciliation with God himself.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014
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Pastor to People: 

May we never forget all the good things God has done for us (Psalm 103:2).

Last weekend we celebrated our first year of life together in our new building. What an unforgettable year it has been! Here are some facts and figures:

 At Easter Sunday services, April 20, we had 926 people in attendance: 801 adults, 125 kids.

 At the Dedication Sunday luncheon, March 9, our volunteer crew served 325 people, all seated comfortably in Harris Hall.

 AWANA enrollment is up to almost 100 kids weekly, vs. 78 a year ago.

 We’ve had five funerals during our first year at Stone Hill. Nine people were baptized on November 9 in our new portable tank.

 Our first wedding at Stone Hill, that of Dana Day and Richard Jordan, will be December 27.

Just as unforgettable are the ways our new facility has expanded our serve.

Here are several testimonies:

Grace Henrie: A professional kitchen has enabled the hospitality team to prepare food for, literally, thousands of people over the year. Many new friendships have been made, both in the kitchen and at the tables.

Pastor Tracy: The number of adults who mingle and then learn during Sunday school (80!) has been quadrupled since last year (20).

Mary Jones: At Westerly our greeters would stand at the edge of the driveway to greet.  Now, the building itself is welcoming!

Bobby Tunstall: We have been able to develop new ways to serve youth, such as Sunday School worship and breakfast. We’ve hosted larger events.

Carine Toussaint: Missions has always been a central part of our vision. We now have a beautiful space in the atrium for displays and event promotion.

Mary McCormack: The biggest impact for me is subtle but critical.  The added space clearly says, “Welcome! There’s room for you!”

Debbie Monn: The Counting Team and I now have plenty of space to count tithes and offerings and to process receipts and documents. And my office is welcoming to auditors and bank