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Clap your hands, all peoples, everyone and everywhere,

                                  For the Risen Christ is Lord of the whole world!


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Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Pastor to People: 

And Jesus said, “Make disciples of all nations!” (Matthew 28:19)

“Visit Queens, see the world!”

One of the five boroughs of NYC, Queens is considered to be “the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.” That’s why the tourist slogan I’ve quoted can be said with dead seriousness. If you visit Queens, you can see just about any ethnic group in the world.

Living here in greater Princeton may not be like living in Queens, but it nevertheless has plenty of diversity. For one thing, it is a suburb of New York. But there’s more: it has a world-class university, it is home to multiple financial firms which are global leaders, and international corporations have offices, if not world headquarters, all around us. The world has truly come to our door.

That’s why I want to circle back to last week’s Missions Conference and point you to five resources that will help you carry its missional impact forward:

1. Read A Pocket Guide to World Religions, by Winfried Corduan. It’s small, enjoyable, and short. Corduan explains the beliefs and practices of twelve major faiths, each of which is alive and well in New Jersey. You can order it online. A few copies are also available in the Atrium.

2. Begin praying through Operation World, by Jason Mandryk. This is the definitive prayer guide for every nation. In five minutes a day over the course of a year, you will pray for all 200+ nations in the world. And your understanding of what God is doing will grow by leaps and bounds. 

3. Subscribe to the daily prayer email from the Joshua Project, Unreached People. Every day it focuses on a different people group that has little or no access to the gospel. Go to

4. Visit the website of Global Gates, the organization with which last week’s speaker, Boto Joseph, serves. GG seeks to make a global impact with the gospel through urban gateways. Their website, at, is full of information and vision.

5. Stop by the Missions Corner in the Atrium and learn about different opportunities to join others and together reach the world just next door, from neighborhood dinners to this summer’s VBS.