Living Faith, Changing Times, and the Promises of God: The Widow of Zarephath

Hear, all peoples; give heed, all nations;

       with the Almighty God there is always hope for change;

               his Son and Spirit are transforming us into Christ’s image!


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Sunday, July 12, 2015
Order of worship: 
Pastor to People: 

Dear Stone Hill Church Family,

During the month of May we presented a four–part sermon series on issues of race. One of the applications for that sermon series centered on providing a safe place for attendees of Stone Hill Church to have honest dialogue among ourselves on the issues surrounding race. These are not easy conversations to have and yet these conversations are crucial if we are to exhibit the unity that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross has purchased for us. 

124 of us signed up to be part of these Koinonia Gatherings. Our plan was to put together a multi–racial group in order to have these important conversations. Our hope was that each group would meet twice this summer to allow time for extended dialogue. The questions that we had planned for the first Koinonia Gathering were :

· Are you comfortable talking about race? Why or why not?

· Do you have friends from another ethnic group or culture? Why or why not? In what context?

· What kind of a community makes you feel safe and happy? What kind of a community makes you feel able to worship and connect to God?

The initial reports from the Koinonia Gatherings have been encouraging. Many have expressed gratefulness that we are attempting to engage one another on these issues that continue to divide our country.  

I have had the opportunity to share with other religious and civic leaders in Princeton what we are trying to do at Stone Hill with our Koinonia Gatherings. Many leaders have expressed their desire to see these kinds of groups take place within the broader Princeton community and have asked us to help them initiate these groups. 

Thank you for participating. We plan to learn from this experience and offer more opportunities like this in the future.

In His Grace,

Pastor Tracy Troxel

Pastor of Outreach and Congregational Care