First Things First

In Jesus Christ God’s mighty power has overcome all evil;

       in Jesus Christ God’s unfailing love is ours forever!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015
Order of worship: 
Pastor to People: 

The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad (Psalm 126:3).

The psalmist says it well: God did great things during this past week’s VBS, and I—along with scores of others—am glad. Here are some facts and figures that capture the week:

· Number of registered kids for the morning session and for the afternoon extension: 177 (plus 17 in preschool and under 3’s childcare)

· Number of those kids who are unchurched: 33

· Number of volunteers from Stone Hill: 100+ (with so many stepping up last minute, none of us knows the full number!)

· Number of professions of faith or commitments to Christ (that we know of): 1

· A fun fact from the morning sessions: Dry ice, soap, and hot water can teach kids about the loving comfort of God in a fun and exciting new way. 

· A fun fact from the afternoon sessions: We learned that missions happens when we allow ourselves to suffer with others.  All our afternoon kids wrote letters and drew pictures for Pastor Pinckney in Charleston to encourage him and his ministry!

Hopefully these pictures can capture some of the highlights from the week and fill you with gladness in what God has done!