Worship In Heaven: Round Two

                      The Third Sunday of Advent

              Jesus Christ is the Light of the World,

Revealing to us the path of reconciliation with God himself.


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Sunday, December 13, 2015
Order of worship: 
Pastor to People: 

Bring the books and the parchments (2 Timothy 4:13).

From the start, our great faith has been one of reading: parchments, scrolls, letters, Gospels, even an apocalypse. So as the holidays approach, Karen and I thought we’d share some book recommendations, sort of a “Best of 2015.”

  •  Winfried Corduan, Pocket Guide to World Religions (Amazon: $9). The title tells it all. Short, crisp, important reading for life in our wonderfullydiverse state of New Jersey.
  • Tim Keller, Prayer (Amazon: $18). A must-read, full of advice on how to structure and develop your prayer life. Don’t forget Keller’s Preaching (Amazon: $13), which is not intended just for pastors but for any and all who want to do a better job of communicating God’s truth.
  •  Michel Faber, The Book of Strange New Things (Amazon: $11). I (Matt, not Karen!) love thoughtful science fiction, especially when other planets are involved. Faber, who is not a Christian, tells a story of bringing the gospel to a peculiarly different world while earth itself is falling apart. He is remarkably accurate and empathetic about the value of Christ and his truth.
  • Dimas Salaberrios, Street God (Amazon: $11). From teen-age drug dealer to incarcerated criminal to pastor of Infinity Bible Church in Brooklyn—and a sometime preacher at  Stone Hill, Dimas traces his incredible journey.
  • John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress (Audible.com: free with Audible trial). With the Audible app, listening to audio books is so simple. So while you drive or exercise, listen to one of the best-selling books ever, one that will build your faith as you follow Christ.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr, I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches that Changed the World (Amazon: $14). Originally released in 1986, this recent anniversary edition of King’s speeches and writings includes thoughtful introductions by James M. Washington. The texts are arranged in chronological order, so you also track the history of the Civil Rights movement.
  •  Hyeonseo Lee, The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story (Amazon: $15). The author (not a Christian) grew up believing that her nation was the greatest on earth. But during her teens she realized the brutality of the communist regime, and at age 17 she decided to defect. This is her terrifying account.