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             love for his own


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Sunday, February 14, 2016
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The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey

Lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees (Hebrews 12:12).

I love Stone Hill Church! I love you, the congregation God has called me to serve. I want to see us more than ever advance God’s mission of making dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. I long to see that mission play out in our personal lives as well as in our life together as a congregation. And so when the opportunity opened up to participate in one of the best recognized spiritual life surveys in the US, I responded enthusiastically. “What better way is there,” I said, “to find out how we are doing as a congregation in areas of spiritual growth and commitment!”

Next week, the week of February 21, we will be participating in the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey. REVEAL SLS is an easy-to-take online survey that provides a composite picture of the spiritual health and growth of a congregation. It was first launched in 2007, and since then nearly 2,000 evangelical churches in the US have benefited from it. That’s over 500,000 congregants, ordinary people like you and me. In each case, the leaders of the participating church have received a detailed report of the spiritual strengths and weaknesses of the church. The report identifies ways to lead the church towards greater health and provides church-specific strategies on how to grow deeper in Christ. Note that the results relate to the congregation as a whole; in other words, the survey is truly anonymous. It takes the input you provide and combines it with the input from others to generate a composite report.

I took the survey a week ago. It was the first survey I ever remember taking where I felt like I was actually edified in faith during the process! The survey consists of 31 questions, and the REVEAL team says it takes between 15 and 20 minutes from start to finish. In my case, I set up my personal account (guaranteed, NO SPAM or unwanted emails resulting) and then took the survey: total elapsed time was 16 minutes.

I hope you’ll join me and many others in taking the REVEAL SLS. Watch the bulletins for details.