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Sunday, February 28, 2016
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The Mission of Stone Hill Church: 2016 initiatives

Jesus said, “All authority has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (from Matthew 28:18–20).

What inspiring words of our Risen Savior. His church, in its best moments throughout history, has gained direction, hope, and courage from them. That has certainly been the case for us over the nearly sixty years of our history (founded in November 1956). I remain sanguine about how our Lord’s words will motivate us in the years ahead, especially through our mission statement. Let me remind you of that mission statement:

Advancing God’s mission of making dedicated followers of Jesus Christ!

The statement has already proven to be worthwhile. Last fall it prompted a review (what was called, for lack of a better term, an audit) of over fifty Stone Hill ministries, ranging from “A,” Adult Education, to “Y,” Youth Group. (Sorry, there’s no “Z” that I’m aware of.) Working through staff and ministry leaders, the following questions were asked:

  • What are the current strengths of the ministry? What are its current weaknesses?
  •  How explicitly and intentionally is it linked to our church mission?
  • Overall, how healthy is the ministry?

As you can imagine, the ministry audit was an ambitious undertaking. I want to thank all those who made it happen: volunteers, staff, elders, and deacons. Your time and candor have done a great service.

Over the course of a half-dozen Wednesdays in December and January, all fifty-plus individual audits were presented to the ministry staff. At recent meetings this month, a summary was shared with the elders and deacons along with a set of action items in light of the audit results. Here are three of the action items for 2016:

           1. Improve communication to the congregation about the different ministries in our church;

           2. Connect volunteer recruiting and training to “The Loop,” our soon-to-be rolled out church management software;

           3. Finalize a simple discipleship pathway that directs congregants on the next steps to take in becoming a “dedicated follower of Jesus Christ.”

Please join me in praying for these three action items.