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Sunday, March 6, 2016
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The Mission of Stone Hill Church: 2016 initiatives 

Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others (2 Timothy 2:20).

Ever since its first decades, Christianity has triumphed by being passed on personally from generation to generation. That’s the essence of Paul’s advice to his protégé: “Timothy, don’t keep quiet about the truths which I’ve taught you. Build them into leaders of the nextgeneration. And do it in a way that they in turn can hand them on to the leaders of the generation after theirs.”

As spiritual leader of our congregation, I am committed to advancing God’s mission of making dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. That’s what we are about as a church. It’s our mission, and I want to see it being lived out not only in 2016 but in 2026, ‘36, ‘46, ‘56—you get the idea! And the apostolic wisdom on that is to train up the younger leaders so that they in their time can do the same.

Younger leader training has always been important to me. But now that I am in my sixties, it has become an intentional passion. We need to train our younger leaders. We need to do it well, thoughtfully, and with intentionality. If we don’t, our mission will get lost; if we do, our mission will thrive.

So in the course of 2016, with the help of staff, elders, and newly-elected deacon Kellen Funk, I will be rolling out several initiatives with respect to younger leader training, including:

1. Three-part mentorship: shortly after Easter, we will begin a three-part mentorship course. It will focus on leadership of one’s self, leadership in the home and vocation, and leadership in Christ’s church. There will be two cohorts, one for men, the other for women. 

2. Younger leaders in the pulpit: I will be more intentional about scheduling qualified younger leaders from our congregation to preach on occasion on Sunday morning.

3. Seeking younger leaders’ input: I will also be intentional about securing input from younger leaders in relation to the issues and opportunities that face us as a church.

May God bless these efforts. And to him be the glory as he carries his church forward!