Irrelevance & Easter's God

Jesus Christ is beautiful in his

     powerful resurrection.


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Sunday, March 27, 2016
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Jesus Christ is risen indeed! Today, we celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin and death, providing salvation and reconciliation with God. I’ve asked several in our church to share brief thoughts on what Jesus’ resurrection means to them, and will be sharing these thoughts today and in future columns. May these testimonies bless and encourage you!

He won!  That fact is the foundation of my world view.  That fact gives hope and lends perspective in difficult times.  That fact informs and guides my dreams and aspirations.  That fact answers the most difficult “why” questions related to sacrifice and suffering, as well as praise and worship. (Brian Dorini)

Jesus Christ is risen indeed.  I’m grateful God did not end His life on the cross.  It continues after he died, was buried, and went missing.  Christ’s resurrection and Easter mean Jesus is not only my teacher, healer, friend and savior, but my Living God. Hallelujah! (Jane Van Zandt)

It means that Jesus is God. And that we have hope. (Julia Edwards, age 15)

It means that man could not kill God. (Charles Edwards)

It means that I can press the “reset” button in my life when I sin. That I can “reset” and start over again because Jesus conquered death and sin. (Dayle Edwards)

Hope replaces despair, with a trustworthy sign that everything that is broken in this world will be made whole again.  May He come again soon! (Steve Fischer)

The resurrection, the empty tomb, and the cross are the historical events my hope in life relies on. I am free of the heavy weight of sin, my debt has been paid and the power of new life has been displayed, making me free and securing my salvation. More than that, the incredible love and mercy of God has been shown to me

personally, humbling me, preserving me and changing me. I now live with eternity in mind. (Debbie Monn)

Easter is history’s most significant event, proving that Jesus the Christ conquered death and is who He claimed to be. As a result, I do not have to fear death, and instead, can enjoy eternity with Him! (Bob Doll)

Joy. Hope. My sins forgiven. An eternity spent in His presence. My needs met. A love deeper and wider than I can imagine. Jesus’ resurrection is everything to me; It is life. (Lara Holt)




Joy. Hope. My sins forgiven. An eternity spent in His presence. My needs met. A love deeper and wider than I can imagine.

Jesus’ resurrection is everything to me; it is life. (Lara Holt)