Philippians 2:17-30

Jesus Christ is beautiful in his exaltation

      to God the Father’s right hand.


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Sunday, April 10, 2016
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Pastor to People: 

Welcoming our new Assistant Pastor!

Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you (Romans 15:7).

Back in February we had the pleasure of hosting Jin Hyo Lee, then-candidate for the position of Assistant Pastor here at Stone Hill. It was a delight to hear his testimony during Sunday morning worship, to sit under his teaching in Sunday school, and to fellowship with him in many different contexts during that visit. As a result, a call to serve was extended, which he joyfully accepted. He officially starts this Friday, April 15!

Jin will be busy transitioning from life in Texas to life in New Jersey, but he is eager to dive into things Stone Hill. So please make sure to welcome him. And make room to get to know him. Below are Jin’s own words about himself and his call to ministry:

Greetings to my brothers and sisters of Stone Hill Church! I have heard so much about you. Here are some things about me.

I was born and raised in South Korea as a pastor’s kid. I came to the United States during my senior year of high school. I fell in love with the US, especially its diversity of culture, and so I attended college and seminary (Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M) here in the States as well. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Westminster Theological Seminary.

My call to gospel ministry has grown over the years through the affirmation of the local body of believers. As the call grew, I served part-time during college and seminary. After graduation, I have served full-time as an associate pastor in a local church here in Dallas.

For some time, I have been praying for the opportunity to work in the Northeast and serve its rich diversity of people. As Christians, our common denominator is not income status, education level, or race. It is the gospel and blood of Jesus Christ. The power of the gospel unites us, as different as we may be. I am thrilled that Stone Hill embodies this virtue!

I can’t wait to serve as your assistant pastor. May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with us.