Philippians 3: 1–11

Jesus Christ is beautiful in his return in glory.


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Sunday, April 17, 2016
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Pastor to People: 

Honor such men (Philippians 2:29).

Since 2009, I have had the privilege of working with Dick Kantzer as he has served as a pastoral assistant at Stone Hill. Dick has provided much-needed ministry support in many areas. This week he is stepping down from his staff capacity, though thankfully he will continue to serve as an elder and volunteer. I’ve asked several in our congregation to honor Dick for his faithful service. Their words capture my own thankfulness.

Dick knows how to help people who are hurting. When he asks “how are you doing?” he wants an honest answer.  He then responds as Christ calls, again and again and again. (Lucy Jameson)

Dick has been a faithful leader and encouraging friend.  His wisdom puts on no airs and thus has made a deep impact in the church body and in individual lives.  I am

profoundly grateful for his guidance in the adult education program. (Thomas Dixon)

In the very short time I have known Dick, I have come to appreciate and respect his quiet, comforting demeanor and wisdom. (Jim Erickson)

Beware of calls from Dick before 9am; they will change your day and may change your life. Thanks, Dick, for your tireless service. (Bill Van Zandt)

Dick is the go-to example when I need to be reminded of what it looks like to serve Christ’s body with humility. (Steve Fischer)

Thank you, Dick, for serving behind the scenes to be the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ to the least of His people in their times of distress. May He remember you kindly for all the good that you've done to His people. (Junyi Lee)

Dick Kantzer was the first person who made me feel "at home" at Stone Hill Church. I've been grateful for his friendship ever since. (Peter Evans)

Dick Kantzer is one of God's great people. He is an incredibly gifted and humble servant-leader. (Kevin Antlitz)

Dick has been willing to not only pray for and counsel those in need, but also to lend a helping hand!  He’s a faithful and humble servant, a great example and witness, and a blessing to so many.  Thank you, Dick! (Carolyn Fischer)

Faithful, compassionate, devoted, wise, a man of faith and love, full of Scripture, filled with the Spirit. (Chris Sallade)

We are thankful for Dick's pastoral care and deep concerns for the Body at Stone Hill and for his walking alongside as a brother in Christ. (Grace Henrie)