Embracing Our Call to Go Outside the Camp

Jesus Christ is beautiful in his appeal to all nations.


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Sunday, April 24, 2016
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Pastor to People: 

…for God loves a cheerful giver… (2 Cor. 9:7)

Last week, the YouVersion Bible reading app, which I use daily in my through-the-Bible reading, reached a major milestone: 50 million reading plans completed. What an incredible use of an app to strengthen God’s people!

As technology changes, the church can carefully adapt its service of the unchanging God and his gospel. Take the matter of giving: throughout history the way people have given to the Lord has morphed. In Exodus, people gave jewels, fabric, and animal skins. In Paul’s day, it was gold and silver coins. More recently it was dollars, then checks, then credit cards. And now there are apps. At Stone Hill we want to allow Christian liberty in how people can give. For some, that will mean giving by cash; for others, checks; still others, online or with an app. How we give is secondary; what God cares about is cheerful giving.

So let me introduce the online ways to give to Stone Hill. I’ve asked Mary Ann Jones, our office administrator, to explain them:

Recently, the office has been working to create up-to-date dynamic systems for communication and support of our congregation and ministries. As part of this effort, we are launching three new e-giving options. These days, checks and cash are not used as much as they once were. Indeed, not everyone carries a checkbook, and some don’t even have one! So if you prefer to give electronically, here are three options:

1. Via text: if you text stonehillprinceton to 77977, you will connect directly to Pushpay, our new mobile interface. Just follow the prompts and you’re all set.

2. Via our new church app: download the Stone Hill Church app from the App Store or Google Play. Then load it up and use the “Give” button.

3. Via our church website: Go online to stonehillprinceton.org and click “Giving” on the bottom left.

We are so thankful for every gift you give, through whatever means, to support the work the Lord is doing in and through Stone Hill!